Salvage & Trans-location of rare Flora and Fauna

Abzeco’s qualified zoologists and botanists have experience in a range of techniques for planning and managing the removal of threatened Flora and Fauna to prepared receptor sites.

Our staff have been involved in projects including the translocation of Stripped Legless Lizards and Dianella Amoena from areas under development to suitable reserve areas.We have been involved as both advisors to the planning process and provided suitably qualified teams to carry out the work in according to stringent work practices.

Monitoring and Mapping

Abzeco staff have experience monitoring, mapping these skills can be used to plan and manage during salvage and translocation works, see Monitoring and Mapping services for more details.

Abzeco staff salvaging Matted Flax-lily Dianella amoena from a development site

Spiny Rice Flower Translocation

Salvage of Spiny Rice Flower Pimelea spinescens by tree spade