Pest Plant and Animal Control

Combining the technical and practical skills of a diverse team which includes experienced qualified Biologists, Zoologists, restoration practitioners and sub-contractors we provide a world class consultancy service with hands-on know how. Our expertise gives our client the comfort of knowing that we can get the job done, end-to-end, in an effective, cost efficient manner without off-target impacts.

Abzeco staff have experience with a wide range of weed control methods in a range of vegetation types. Our ability to provide combine pest plant control with GIS mapping can save clients time and money through providing a comprehensive ‘one pass’ service.

Our staff are variously trained and experienced in the use of chainsaws, agricultural chemicals, 1080, four wheel driving & recovery, firearms, first aid, and understand the associated OH&S issues.

Weed Mapping
Abzeco staff have a great deal of experience in the mapping and monitoring of environmental weeds. The use of GIS mapping is increasingly recognised as an important tool for the long term and strategic management of pest plants and animals, see also Monitoring and Mapping services.

A Red Fox inspects a bait station set up by Andrew Douglas of Vermin Control. The bait has already been taken during the evening but another will be laid. Having video or photo of a bait station greatly reduces the likelihood of off target impacts and increases operator efficiency as the team knows to lay another poison bait straight away rather than the usual practice of laying a lure/free feed to check if there are other target animals in the area.

The video above is a feral cat that was observed in video from a fox bait station set up by Andrew Douglas of Vermin Control. Once captured this animal was handed over the the local council ranger.

The lead male goat from a group of five animals that inhabited the eastern side of Nara Inlet, Hook Island, Queensland. Monitoring pre-control by Abzeco determined the population size with monitoring post control confirming successful eradication by ground based shooting. Using motion sensor cameras that email photos greatly reduced the cost of this program.

feral cat control
samba deer control