Our Projects

Abzeco focuses on solutions. Problem identification is easy – finding practical, economical solutions is the real challenge. In discussions with regulators, in reports to clients and in field work Abzeco always addresses possible solutions, rather than just describing problems.

The following are recent examples of Abzeco Clients and Projects:

Parks Victoria/DSE
Natural Values, Post Fire Vegetation Monitoring. Abzeco undertook a number of projects throughout the 2009 fire effected regions assessing impacts upon high value biodiversity assets by weed infestations. Abzeco were also involved in a large scale weed mapping and control project throughout these regions.
Nillumbik Shire Council
Abzeco have been commissioned to undertake assessments of selected reserves to identify potential offset opportunities within the municipality and to development Native Vegetation Offset Management Plans for suitable reserves.
Manningham City Council
Native Vegetation Removal Study 2005-2011. In close liaison with Council, Abzeco are currently undertaking a review of GIS information and recent aerial photography to determine the extent of native vegetation removal across the municipality in the given time frame and will also provide a standardized systematic repeatable methodology which can be employed by Council in the future.
Rural City of Wangaratta
As part of the municipality’s Biodiversity Planning project, Abzeco are currently undertaking a number of ground-truthing assessments to assist with remote spatial analysis of key biodiversity assets
Nillumbik Shire Council
Biodiversity Strategy. Abzeco are currently working alongside Council to prepare a Biodiversity strategy which includes design for a database register of conservation areas, review of significant species records and those with potential to occur within the shire, recommendations for targeted biodiversity conservation projects including priority actions for post fire biodiversity recovery.
Brimbank City Council
Biodiversity Strategy. Abzeco worked closely with council representatives to determine the structure of the document and create a realistic strategy that met Brimbank’s visions, goals and strategic objectives in relation to biodiversity. The strategy included a prioritised list of actions identifying resources required and responsibilities for achieving Brimbanks’s strategic objectives
Brimbank City Council
Abzeco are undertaking on-going active restoration works in protected native grassland and escarpment shrubland sites within the municipality and in close consultation with Council’s Environment Department
Department of Sustainability and Environment / Parks Victoria
Detailed survey, mapping and recovery program including salvage and propagation of Xerochrysum palustre in South Gippsland in Gellions Run & Holey Plains State Park
In situ management of Diuris fragrantissima, Sunshine, including control of Nassella spp., other high threat weeds and revegetation
Pollinator and reintroduction study of Diuris basaltica, Neales Road Grassland and potential reintroduction sites
Parks Victoria
Weed Mapping across several parks and including the Grampians,
Post Fire Biodiversity Study of Kinglake National Park.
Production of a Management Plan for the Craigieburn, Cooper Street and Barry Road Grasslands, including mapping of rare flora, habitat and high threat weed distribution & weed control works.
Restoration of habitat for the Australian Grayling, Yarra River, Yarra Valley Parklands and weed control in Craigieburn Grasslands
HVP Plantations (Hancocks)
Systematic EVC Mapping and biodiversity monitoring of remnant vegetation and the auditing of environmental practices. Mapping and biodiversity monitoring in the Gippsland, Central and North Eastern Victorian Estates. This study area covers over 200,000 Ha of land in the Strzelecki Ranges, Mt Worth, Yallourn, Leongatha, Boola, Boolara, Stanely, Shelley, Bright, Marysville, Beechworth, Strathbogie and Ballarat areas.
Hansen partners

Flora, fauna and Environmental Engineering considerations for the San Remo, Newhaven and Cape Woolamai Structure Plan.
Alpine Shire
Shire-wide roadside assessment and GIS mapping of weed infestations, drafting of the Shire Weed Management Strategy and production of the Alpine Shire Weeds book.
Towong Shire
Production of the Towong Shire Roadside Management Plan and review of existing roadside vegetation quality mapping
Whittlesea Shire Council
Restoration of the Lakes Flora And Fauna Reserve, including management of Nassella, other weeds, species enrichment plantings, monitoring and mapping of rare flora.
Whittlesea Shire Council
Flora Survey, Mapping, Net Gain and Vegetation Management Plan for Council Land, Merri Creek at Cooper Street
City of Brimbank
Shire-wide assessment of grassland vegetation remnants and assistance in the formulation of Native Vegetation Retention Policy, design and costing of guidelines for grassland restoration