Locating & Managing Offset Sites

Abzeco is an innovative solutions focused Victorian based botany, zoology and ecological consulting practice with expertise in sourcing offsets for permitted vegetation losses in bioregions across Victoria.

In Victoria net gain offset targets are required to compensate for permitted clearance of native vegetation. Offset seekers have a range of options available to them for sourcing and securing offsets either on their land or off-site via an agreement with a third party. Offsets provided by third parties can be sourced from:
 The DSE BushBroker service
 Through Trust for Nature
 Some Councils offer an Offset service
 Through Private Offset Brokers like Abzeco
 Directly through Agreement with private landholders

Abzeco offers an alternative private Brokerage service to assist offset seekers and offset providers to make contact and facilitate the offsetting process through to approval.
Whether you are a developer requiring an off-site offset or a landowner wanting to maximise the use of your land while maintaining and enhancing biodiversity values, Abzeco offers a timely, flexible end-to-end solution including:
 Legal Agreements
 Offset plans
 Net Gain assessments
 Project management
 Revegetation and other ground works
 Negotiation with stakeholders including regulatory authorities
 Development and implementation of 10 Year Offset Management Plans
 Flexible landholder payment options

We are currently working towards providing and over the counter service for BushBroker. For more information on offset availability please contact us.


“When we developed Westlink on the Western Highway at Ravenhall, we needed a large net gain offset off very high significance Plains Grassland. Abzeco found an offset provider with comparable land and has managed the whole process efficiently and within budget. Abzeco’s service and experience in all facets of offsets and land management has saved us time and money.” Tom Kenessey, Leighton Properties.

“It was my long term personal goal to restore the bush on my land. Abzeco helped me find an offset seeker and is managing the finances needed to restore and maintain vegetation on my property through a Trust. Abzeco offered an end to end solution which helped me achieve my goals in a simple and efficient way.” Sam Cox, Landscape Designer, Landowner and offset provider.