Habitat Hectare Assessments

The Victorian Native Vegetation Management Framework (the Framework) policy seeks to protect remnant native vegetation, and to achieve no ‘net loss’ to native vegetation across Victoria. Vegetation quality measurement is integral to the assessment of ‘net gain’ and a new system of quality scoring, the Habitat Hectare approach, has been developed to accompany the policy.

All Abzeco staff are both experience and qualified in Habitat Hectare assessments having completed the DSE Vegetation Quality Assessment (VQA) Habitat Hectares training.

Habitat Hectare is a site-based measure of quality and quantity of native vegetation that is assessed in the context of the relevant native vegetation type.

Offset Management Plans
If an Offset is required Abzeco can provide services to write and undertake the 10 year offset management plans required by DSE, through our existing relationships we can also connect entities requiring an offset with landholders willing to provide an offset on their land, see our Offset Management Plan services

Possible habitat within farm property