Flora & Fauna Surveys

Abzeco have a current DSE research permit for conducting flora and fauna surveys. Our staff are qualified zoologists, botanists and ecologists with experience undertaking surveys using a range of different methods including:

  • call play back
  • sensory camera trapping
  • bait trapping
  • dip netting
  • bird census
  • spotlighting
  • stag watching
  • harp traps, pitfall traps, Elliot, cage, and funnel traps
  • tin, roof tiles and cement pavers grids
  • Bandicoot hides
  • rigorous incidental observations
  • transect survey methodologies

  • Abzeco staff have been observing, trapping and identifying native animals for many years while our botanical expertise allows us to identify the likely presence of rare and threatened flora, and to located and monitor these species in the field. A natural affinity for native flora and fauna combined with astute observation skills has resulted in a great depth and breadth of knowledge of habitats and behaviours. This knowledge is applied to each new survey and habitat assessment which makes it possible to predict the likelihood of species occurrence.

    Recent examples of survey include:
  • Targeted fauna survey for Striped Legless Lizard, Golden Sun Moth and Brown Quail for property in Sunbury.
  • Targeted fauna survey for the Golden Sun Moth in Mickleham. This survey included structure seasonally appropriate target surveys to meet EPBC requirements conducted across a large site with the addition of any incidental observations.
  • Targeted fauna survey for the Striped Legless Lizard and Fat-tailed Dunnart on land at Wollert. The survey included installation of pitfall traps, small mammal traps and roof tiles.
  • Targeted fauna surveys for species such as the Growling Grass Frog, Golden Sun Moth, Dwarf Galaxias, Striped Legless Lizard, Eltham Copper Butterfly, Powerful Owl, Microbats and Southern Brown Bandicoot.
  • Fauna surveys for terrestrial vertebrate fauna were completed for Melbourne Water at Koo Wee Rup. The survey methods included cage traps, Elliott traps, Bandicoot hides, sensory camera trapping, bird census, tin census and cement pavers.
  • Zoological assessment of the Eastern Golf Club, Doncaster. The survey involved on foot-field assessment of habitat quality, spotlighting, bird census, targeted call-playback, tadpole and visual encounter surveys for the Growling Grass Frog.
  • Common Dunnart monitoring project for Parks Victoria at One Tree Hill using a concrete paver grid. These pavers were set up by Abzeco specifically to monitor Dunnart activity before and after a management burn. .
  • Surveys for vertebrate fauna in forest blocks for HVP in the Strzelecki Ranges, Gippsland. Survey methods employed include camera trapping, spotlighting, call-playback, stag watching, inspection of artificial shelter grids and bird census. 20 Infra-red cameras have been installed in specific EVC’s with resulting photos analysed and reported on.

  • Monitoring and Mapping
    Abzeco staff have experience monitoring, mapping these skills can be used to plan and manage flora and fauna survey, see Monitoring and Mapping services for more details.

    Agile Antechinus Antechinus agilis

    Abzeco staff undertaking weed survey in Errinundra for Parks Victoria