Flora, Fauna and Net Gain Assessments

Abzeco staff have extensive experience with the Victorian Native Vegetation Framework, Commonwealth and State biodiversity protection legislation and have assessed vegetation types across Victoria, interstate and internationally.

To produce a Flora, Fauna and Net Gain report Abzeco undertake desktop analysis to determine any potential ecological matters followed by a site assessment to determine the flora and fauna values. Our review of existing information includes assessment of data from the Flora Information System (FIS) and Atlas of Victorian Wildlife (AVW).

Abzeco flora, fauna and net gain reports are sufficient to address the ecological information requirements on the subject land. They describe the condition of the site, the vegetation, habitat and its role in the wider landscape, and present our findings as to the likely impacts from development of the land along with management advice and options for those issues considered significant. The report will describe any likely implications under the Victorian Native Vegetation Management Framework (the Framework), the Victorian Flora and Fauna Guarantee Act and the Commonwealth Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act. Significant trees, or ‘intact’ native vegetation and fauna habitat will be mapped using hand-held GPS and site vegetation quality scores will be documented. Any proposed clearances are quantified and the ‘Net Gain’ implications are documented.

Habitat Hectare assessments

Abzeco guides clients working within regulatory frameworks to achieve the best possible outcomes for the environment and developments, see our Habitat Hectare assessment services

Eulamprus heatwolei