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Abzeco staff have a very diverse skills set and are able to deliver on large and complex jobs, with our associates providing us with further access to specialised skills. See the rest of our Projects

Richard Francis
Richard is a zoologist and botanist with a huge depth of field-knowledge and extensive experience of Victorian, arid-zone NSW and tropical QLD ecosystems. Richard holds a BSc in Botany and Zoology from LaTrobe University and has been working in the ecological management and restoration industry since 1991. Richard has worked as an environmental works consultant and contractor, in local government and in the tertiary education sector as a program coordinator for RMIT University.
Contact Richard on mobile: 0414 475 654 or by email: richardfrancis at abzeco.com.au

Matt Hatton
Matt has worked in public and private sector roles in the environmental field for more than 10 years, including both academic and consultancy roles. Matt has a keen interest in both terrestrial and aquatic ecology, and a fascination with clonal plants largely derived from the completion of a PhD in 2009, which examined the long-term responses of several wetland plant species to landscape-scale changes throughout west Gippsland. Matt has a good understanding of the ecology of south-eastern Australia, as well as the application of environmental planning and policy. In recent years, Matt has specialised in environmental assessment and management for a broad range of ecological projects and clients including: Index of Wetland Condition, State-wide Vegetation Condition Assessments, Threatened Species Surveys, Biodiversity Assessment Reports, Offset, Conservation, Weed, Revegetation and Land Management Plans. Matt Hatton is employed as a Senior Ecologist at Abzeco.
Contact by email: matthatton at abzeco.com.au

Kathy Himbeck
Kathy has a Bachelor of Applied Science (Environmental Management) from Edith Cowan University, Western Australia. Kathy gained experience in the trapping and management of threatened species, reintroduction of threatened flora and fauna as well as feral animal control while working as an ecologist for the Department of Environment and Conservation, Western Australia (DEC). She is a keen member of the Field Naturalist Club of Victoria and has participated in many of their field trips since moving to Victoria in 2009. While with Abzeco, Kathy has been project manager on a range of GIS mapping projects including weed mapping in the Grampians and Westerfolds Park for Parks Victoria, EVC mapping for HVP Plantations and more recently the joint DSE and Parks Victoria post-fire vegetation monitoring projects. Kathy has written many reports for Abzeco on flora, fauna survey and net gain implications for proposed developments.
Contact Kathy by email: kathyhimbeck at abzeco.com.au

Geordie Scott-Walker
Geordie is an experienced Field Botanist, holding a Master of Environment and Bachelor of Natural Resource Management with Honours. Geordie is passionate about the management and conservation of lowland grassy ecosystems of south-eastern Australia and applies his broad botanical identification and vegetation management skills to restoration projects for private and public land managers across greater Melbourne and throughout regional Victoria. For Abzeco Geordie coordinates contracting services and works closely with on-ground field crews to achieve conservation goals and improve outcomes for biodiversity. He also provides professional consultation service to land managers seeking to improve the management of native vegetation.
Contact Geordie by email: geordiescottwalker at abzeco.com.au

David De Angelis
David has a Bachelor of Biological Science with Honours from La Trobe University. He has experience in flora and fauna survey, bushland management and education through involvement with the Mullum Mullum Festival, La Trobe Wildlife Sanctuary, the Field Naturalists Club of Victoria and the Field Naturalist Society of La Trobe University. While with Abzeco, David has worked on a range of restoration projects and written several reports on land management, flora and fauna survey and Biodiveristy Assessments. He is particularly interested in the conservation management of reptiles and frogs, having surveyed for several threatened species including the Growling Grass Frog, Southern Toadlet, Striped Legless Lizard, Hooded Scaly-foot, Grassland Earless Dragon and Swamp Skink. Much of David’s targeted fieldwork has been based in the Mallee and East Gippsland, and he has experience with a range of fauna monitoring techniques including radio tracking, camera trapping and mark-recapture.
Contact David by email: daviddeangelis at abzeco.com.au

Dan Young
Dan has been working in the Natural Resource Management industry since 2006. As an experienced Bushland manager and with training and qualifications including Occupational Health & Safety, Level 2 First Aid, Certificate 3 in Horticulture, an Agricultural Chemical Users Permit amongst others, Dan works with the Abzeco field team, undertaking large-scale vegetation mapping and weed and pest animal control projects across greater Melbourne and throughout regional Victoria.
Contact Dan by email: danielyoung at abzeco.com.au

Brad Jenner
Brad has a Certificate II in Horticulture from NMIT and a certificate in Habitat Conservation and Management. He is a keen field naturalist with many years experience in bushland management. Brad has undertaken flora and fauna surveys across Victoria with the Victorian Field Naturalists Club and regularly heads for the hills in his spare time. Brad works with the Abzeco field team undertaking restoration, weed and pest animal control projects across greater Melbourne.
Contact Brad by email: bradjenner at abzeco.com.au

Adrian Streat
Adrian has a Diploma of Conservation and Land Management from RMIT University. He joined Abzeco as a ground crew member in 2015 having worked in the industry since 2013 in various rolls including weed control, revegetation and conservation work. With certificates in First Aid, ACUP and Chainsaw Adrian worked with Abzeco undertaking restoration, weed and pest animal control projects across greater Melbourne.
Contact Adrian by email: adrianstreet at abzeco.com.au

Rose McMahon
Rose has a background in Operational Management and Finance and holds a BA from LaTrobe University. She spent eleven years in the Corporate sector working predominantly in Finance roles supporting IT and Customer Service Divisions, and subsequently transferred to Operational Management as the State Customer Service Manager for MobileNet Victoria, with a duel role in National Complaints and Faults. Rose has spent the last 10 years working with small to medium business focusing on business process improvement. Rose’s experience implementing quality assurance, overseeing organizational risk mitigation, and proactive management of resources to increase stability and overall business health has added to Abzeco’s skill base.
Contact Rose by email: admin at abzeco.com.au

Sub Contractors

Karl Just
Karl is a botanist who also has a strong interest in zoology, geology and cultural and natural history. Karl has undertaken fauna and flora surveys throughout most regions of Victoria including a recent project over several months working closely with Cam Beardsell in the Kinglake National Park. He also has experience in Western Australia, South Australia, Thailand and the cloud rainforests of Fiji. At the end of 2009 Karl undertook for DSE Index of Wetland Condition assessments across the Mallee and Glenelg Hopkins CMA regions. He has been involved for a number of years in detailed ecological restoration and monitoring projects throughout the Yarra Valley, Nillumbik Lowland and Upland Hills, Kinglake Ranges and Volcanic Plains, where he continues to work closely with a wide range of ecologists, park rangers and naturalists. Although interested in all things ecological, Karl has a particular interest in native orchids, fire ecology and grassland, desert, rainforest, riparian and wetland ecosystems. He is currently studying the little known often overlooked world of bryophytes.
Contact by email: karljust at abzeco.com.au

Andrew Douglas
Andrew is the director of Weed Needs and Vermin Control, weed and animal control. With over 30 years experience in pest control he has a breadth and depth of experience in planning and undertaking control to provide safe and effective programs of control using a variety of methods and equipment. He works with Abzeco and clients to plan control programs to suit the restrictions and environment of the situation to achieve the desired outcomes. Andrew has the licences and equipment required to provide scalable methods of control for a wide variety pest control requirements.

Andre Messina
Andre is a botanical taxonomist with a Ph.D in investigating taxonomic and ecological relationships within the Asteraceae family from Latrobe University. Andre has extensive botanical experience throughout Victoria and much of eastern Australia having undertaken surveys throughout rainforest, grassland, alpine and heathland ecosystems. Andre has worked in restoration and revegetation projects throughout the Yarra Valley, and has had a strong involvement in recovery programs for a range of threatened flora.

The Abzeco team in Murray Sunset National Park