About us

Abzeco's founders and staff love the flora and fauna of Australia. They have worked in the conservation industry for many years and have enjoyed observing, conserving and teaching about our beautiful plants and animals. They have been widely involved in the re-vegetation and restoration of ecosystems and have undertaken a diverse range of ecological research.

Solutions focused
Abzeco focuses on solutions. In all our communications Abzeco always addresses possible solutions, rather than just describing problems. This includes discussions with regulators, reports to clients and generally in our field work.

Positive outcomes
Abzeco seeks positive outcomes for both our clients and the environment. By maintaining strong professional relationships and working constructively with Municipal planners and State and Commonwealth Officers, risks to flora and fauna are minimised while disruptions to development planning and construction are reduced.

Development and the environment
Abzeco is dedicated to optimising development processes to harmonise with and minimize impacts on ecological systems. Abzeco guides clients working within regulatory frameworks to achieve the best possible outcomes for the environment and developments.
There are many ways that developments can be enhanced to improve their suitability for native flora and fauna and to enhance ecosystem function. Habitat corridors, suitable remnant preservation and revegetation, water-sensitive urban design and siting considerations can all reduce overall impacts and help ensure that native flora and fauna survive and flourish.

Employee Profiles
Abzeco Employees are experienced and qualified zoologists, botanists, restoration practitioners and environmental engineers the diversity of our skills allows Abezco to combine world class consultancy services with hands-on local know how, see our Employees


Glossy Grass Skink Pseudemoia rawlinsoni in saltmarsh at Koo Wee Rup
Image: Brad Jenner


Smooth Flax-lily Dianella sp aff longifolia (Benambra) being pollinated by a Blue-banded Bee